I made it to Amritsar extremely late at night after a long drive through the Himalayas and a long night train (night trains suck because sleeping in one is near impossible). The next day I headed out to the golden temple or as it’s locally known, Sri Harmandir Sahib. The golden temple is a Sikh gudwara (place of worship), in fact it’s the holiest place of worship for those of the Sikh religion and contains what the Sikhs call the Akal Takht, the temporary seat of God’s authority. The Sikh people are very open and hospitable to everyone, no matter what religion or background. The four entrances to the Golden temple complex represent that openness to all religions. They even have a free meal for anyone that I wish I knew about on the first day because it was really good when I went the second day I was there. The water around the temple is said to be the tank of nectar and immortality, and although I don’t think anyone is becoming immortal it’s amazing to see so many people taking a dip in the water. There are many things I’ve noticed about Sikhism that have similarities to Christianity and some historians even believe that Jesus visited India and taught the gospel in his ‘missing 30 years’, those historians believe that Sikhism is a slightly corrupted Christian teaching by the interactions with other religions during the time of it spreading (I’ve had some people get angry at me for that comment but don’t shoot the messenger, I just did some research on what historians thought). Some similarities are the monotheistic views and the use of baptism among others.

All in all this was the friendliest place I experienced in India and even though everyone stares at the white dude walking down the road they are quick to say hello, give a smile or even ask for a selfie.