Documentary photography is often just using what you have to create a shot, which for me was only ever a collapsable reflector and a few lenses (if i had my camera bag). This photo is not documentary but similar concepts went into producing it.

During this transition from lululemon we were given the opportunity to ask a few of our models to shoot some personal work. One shoot gave me time to play with light before shooting and the other was working with what I had as we shot. This photo with Adryan Hanson was produced in under 10 minutes with natural light, playing with the light as we shot.

We had just finished a Friday morning shoot and I asked Adryan if he’d do some personal work. I didn’t want to keep us from having lunch so I threw together what I had in the natural light bay and shot a few quick looks. #documentaryfashion?

Did you know that fear and excitement are processed in the same part of the human brain? Sometimes each emotion can even be confused for the other.

These last few weeks have been such a mix of emotions. My head has been bursting with a million thoughts a second. On one hand I’m extremely excited and over the moon because I get to marry my best friend in a month. I’m so happy that I found someone who can deal with my craziness, someone who can make me laugh when I’m down and encourage me and support me in all life’s ups and downs and someone I would give the world for. On the other I am stressed and down because of my work situation. As some of you know, I’ve been working as a studio photographer with Lululemon for the past year and just recently they decided to lay off our entire studio team to outsource our work to an agency in LA. I have loved my time with Lulu and my team was like family. I’ve grown so much as a photographer here and made amazing friendships on my team. Needless to say my brain is a mess of emotions and thoughts all bogged down by stress. I know looking back at this in a year or so it will just be a speedbump in my life and I am trying to keep a positive outlook on everything and a smile on my face. Things will all work out.

“Look at the birds of the sky… Aren’t you worth more than they?”